7 Worst Online Dating Trends

You must have heard of “Ghosting,” right? That’s when the person you are dating online suddenly disappears without you having any clue. Yes, that’s how odd it feels when you have been ghosted if you are dating online. It hurts like anything.

Dating in regular life is easy. You get to meet the person of your dreams regularly and if he betrays you, you have a million options at hand to find out about his infidelity. But online dating is an altogether different game and now it is getting more and more difficult. There are a lot of awful dating trends that you need to be aware of in case that happens to you.

We have made a list of some online dating trends that you need to know before you come across any of them.

Here is a glossary of the top 7 worst dating trends:

1. Ghosting

In this cowardly move, the person you have been dating online for long suddenly disappears or stops talking to you with no explanation whatsoever. He won’t reply to your texts, calls, anything. It seems more like a magician’s disappearing act. In the case of ghosting, the person is gone. You can assume anything out of it, but it has been mostly observed that ghosters disappear mostly because of avoiding the other person. It may not have been working out for them but this is a cowardly move.

2. Haunting

In ghosting, a person completely disappearing from your life. But have you ever had someone ghost you but still continue to interact with your social media? Some online dating partners would cut off every kind of communication with you without any explanation, but for some odd reason, they follow your Snapchat stories and watch your Instagram pictures etc. This is just like a ghost that keeps coming back to haunt you and quite annoying as well.

3. Zombie-ing

What if a person, who dropped you like a useless thing and ignored you for weeks or months, suddenly pops out from nowhere? That person who kept ignoring you for no reason sends you a text “Hey! How are you doing?” It appears as nothing happened and nothing is wrong. Do not reply to that person who ghosted you once because he might do it again.

4. Benching

You can also call it “Back-Burning.” Benching happens when your dating partner leads you for some time but does not do enough to take the relationship to a decisive dimension. At the same time, he would not let you lose hope either. This kind of online dating partner will keep you on the ‘bench’ until or unless you are needed in desperate times. You are only important to such a person until their main love interest is compromised, otherwise, you are just another one in their life.

5. Bread-crumbing

This seems more like benching with a slight variation. In bread-crumbing, the person dating online shows you enough interest to stay beside you by making you feel like you are interested but doesn’t go any further. He may send you a flirty text or a cute snapshot every now and then but never leads you anywhere.

6. Stashing

Have you ever dated someone where you met them regularly, kept in touch through the phone, and had a great time together, but never met anyone from their social circles like friends or family? In other words, you were never a visible part of their life. This is stashing.

This happens when your partner does not introduce you to your family or friends and does not post pictures of you on social media. You feel like you are separated from their life so that they can date other people. It could also be that the person is married and does not want you to know about his spouse.

7. Curving

This one could really hurt. A curver is someone who keeps in touch with you, through your messages or continues to stay with you, but in a way that makes it obvious that they are not interested in you. Even though you know deep inside you that they don’t want you around but the fact that they keep responding to you keeps that ray of hope alive in you.

If the person responds to your texts late by saying, “Sorry, I thought I replied” you got curved. Look out for these signs to avoid curvers.